Employment tribunal costs

Our costs in relation to Tribunal cases vary. Please note that in our experience average costs of handling a Tribunal case run from about £15,000 to £25,000 (excluding VAT and disbursements). This is only a guide from our recent history of Tribunal proceedings and we are happy to discuss any potential case as 

appropriate. There are many factors which determine likely costs for a Tribunal case such as, for example, whether there are discrimination or public act disclosure issues involved, whether the Tribunal litigation is linked to other claims such as breaches of confidentiality or contract, how many litigants are involved in any matter, 

and how many witnesses are involved.  We will work with you to discuss our involvement in any or all of the key stages of any Tribunal litigation and provide detailed costings in relation to key stages (e.g. taking instructions, preparation for any hearings, disclosure, and preparing any necessary schedules or witness

statements) of any Tribunal proceedings if we are involved and as appropriate. Please note that in large scale or volume Tribunal cases such as test cases, different and/or unique factors may apply.


For single issue non-dismissal tribunal cases, costs may be lower.