We value our reputation. Therefore, quality is our primary priority.


We will always focus on our client's commercial objectives and work creatively through any available commercial, dispute resolution or conciliation method or otherwise.


We work with our clients to come up with sensible, commercial and legally smart solutions. Our experience is in helping clients to deal with the emotions of complex day to day employment related legal solutions, help with implementing negotiation strategies, and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve significant

outcomes for our clients. We will deploy meaningful innovations as well as a wealth of experience.

We have experience in all aspects of employment law including dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation and injunctions. We have worked with clients in the Employment Tribunal, the High Court as well as Court of Appeal matters (including cases involving proceedings in all three of those legal Tribunals). We also have particular experience in carrying out confidential commercial investigations.

Most instructions are accepted on the basis of hourly charges, the details of which are set and agreed before commencement of any work.

 In appropriate cases, we may consider a Conditional Fee Agreement or a damages-based agreement which has the effect of making the firm's remuneration conditional upon an agreed measure of success. If that is accepted and the measure of success is achieved, the firm will charge a success

fee or be entitled to a proportion of the damages awarded. Such arrangements tend to be supported by commercial funding arrangements and insurance policies.


It is the firm's usual policy to ask clients to pay for all substantial disbursements as they fall for payment.


In relation to Employment Tribunal costs See link - Employment Tribunal Costs